“The purpose of the competition was to promote technical education,” the company said in an apology on Facebook. “But if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry.”

As the global pool of qualified workers possessing industrial grade technical skills continues to shrink, the emphasis on recruitment and training is vital in the sustainability of basic and crucial societal infrastructure.  Why not employ edgy marketing tactics as a call to action in promoting dry and stale industries? With the US education system caught in the vicious cycle of relaxed college admission standards providing opportunities for federal grant money to fund public school systems producing a high volume of university applicants in filling the increased chances for enrollment, the skilled trades are not only being overlooked, but are being ushered into obscurity. Quite possibly, the US energy concern should borrow the tactics of the Czech nuclear power plant in stimulating a resurgence and emphasis on skills and offset the vapid propagation of college graduates earning degrees that provide zero relevance in the job market.

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